I just have to give it up

Oh my.
You should be
able to recognize the fact.
Very required.
You can’t always hide from liars of mind,
and then cover it up with all the reasons that rationalized,
Even up
to make you fall and fall again.
Never mind.
I have to get up from this all, a beautiful dream but a bad ending.
this isn’t laugh of sadness
Now i could to search another happiness at the other side.
which previously couldn’t be,
I’m glad, very very glad.
could see your happy face, your
healthy body and soul, live a happy life.
Whenever you are..
Wherever you are ..
i always waiting for chance to enter your life..
Even tough i feel it isn’t rational.
I just want to declare faithfulness.
I just want to declare, that i have a content about a long hidden feelings.
this is funny, isn’t it?
surrender? could be ..
more exactly : be realistic.
and ..
whatever happens,
for now i just have to live a happy life too,
don’t worry, happiness could come from every side of world,
because, true happiness could be made by everyone who trust their life will be a wonderful life.
because life is too short to let the others define what makes us happy.
altough too sweet to be forgotten..
i could .. :))
I just have to give it up.


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